18 Inch Doll Skylar Hat Crochet Pattern

This 18 Inch Doll Skylar Hat is a great addition to a chic doll outfit!

Size Included
18″ Doll (fits most 18″ dolls)

Finished Size
12″ circumference
5″ long from top of the hat to bottom
These are our finished measurements. If yours don’t fit within these measurement, please check your gauge.

Super fine-1 yarn
  • Mary Maxim, Twinkle
  • White, Yellow, Lilac, Pink
  • CA | about 50 yards
  • CB | about 45 yards
D-3 (3.25mm) crochet hook
Fabric scissors
Yarn needle, to weave ends

Each PDF pattern comes with aprintable "Crochet Help, Tips and FAQs".