Afghan Blanket Crochet Pattern

Afghan Pattern Blanket

Sometimes you just need to channel your inner grandma, and that's why I love this easy afghan pattern!

It's a gorgeous blanket pattern that uses 9 different colors of yarn to create a fun, colorful, and vibrant afghan.

This pattern would be easy to customize if you wanted to use fewer yarn colors. You would simply need to adjust the amount of yarn to correspond to the increased number of rows using each color.

My ratio for creating the pattern was 2 rows of base color to 1 row of highlight. The entire blanket is created this way, but you could easily do it with as few as 2 colors.

I keep mine draped over my couch for chilly mornings, but these make beautiful gifts too.

This is a lightweight afghan with plenty of texture, and I love this cute crochet blanket because it's super unique! It looks different than your average afghan, which is why I find it to be such a fun project to work on.

Don't be intimidated by the color changes, this blankets difficulty is easy and the pattern is very detailed in breaking down each stitch.


Materials: Clover crochet hook I/5.5mm, Scissors, Yarn Needle

Difficulty: Easy