Baby Sack Knit Class

Class Description

When you go through this course, you’ll come out with a brand-new baby sack, perfect for newborn photography, or to simply use it as a super cute sleeping sack. Get every tip, trick, and pointer you need to make this easy project in our step-by-step baby sack tutorial.

Baby sacks are wearable baby blankets that replace loose bedding while keeping your baby warm. In this course, Krista Ann guides you through the process of making your own baby sack for either a 1-3 month old or 3-5-month old.This course is perfect if you’re just beginning your knitting journey because Krista teaches how to do striping and colorwork (working two colors at the same time). Because there are multiple ways to colorwork, Krista will teach you each method, and you can choose the technique that’s most comfortable for you. You’ll also learn how to knit in a round and how to complete a three-needle bind off to create the sacks, with Krista demonstrating simply and easily in close-up visuals how to complete each step.

This class is perfect for even the most seasoned knitting experts because with fall drawing near, what better to make for the newborn in your life than these fun sleeping sacks?!

Instructor: Krista Ann

Krista Ann has been obsessed with knitting since 2013 and is the founder of the yarn shop, Knitsy Knits. Krista Ann’s work combines her passion with her signature style. She has been knitting almost non-stop since she first picked up her needles and her incredible knitting talents have even been featured on The Mindy Project.

Class Details:

Skill Level/ Difficulty: Intermediate / Easy
Yarn: Worsted Weight Yarn
Hook size:
     US 7 16” circular needle and
     US 8 16” circular needle
Approximate Finished Size: Newborn
     Ages: 1-3 months and 3-5 months
          **Pattern is written in a newborn size 1-3 months, with changes for 3-5 months in parentheses.

Yarn Recommendation: Sugarbush Bold