Bow Tie for Headband Crochet Pattern

This crochet pattern helps make a bow tie measuring 4" x 2" in just less than 60 minutes with interruptions!

I am putting these on my Christmas tree this year- simple and easy bow ties! I've clipped them on to shoes & slid them on hair bands. They've been sewn on to market bags, baby shoes and slipped on to doggie collars. Hello Kitty fans can run a clip or barrette through it and make it their own. Imagine this as a belt buckle or on a hat. You can make anything cuter and more vibrant with a bow tie of any color imaginable! Use them as embellishments for your Baby's outfits or headbands.

I spent months searching for a cute bow tie pattern I liked and decided to wing it! After 5 tries... it works up within the hour (with interruptions) and is delightful and simple.