Butterfly Newborn Hat Crochet Pattern

This Butterfly Newborn Hat is popping up all over the place so I decided it was time to make one with an E hook and super fine weight yarn! Since it is made with super fine weight yarn, it’s great for the summer breeze!

This is probably one of my favorite patterns. I’m not exactly sure why though. Maybe because it really digs into the creative side making the butterfly a lace type of butterfly that you have to look at for a moment to get. Maybe it’s how easy it is to make it. Nonetheless, it is still one of my favorites. I hope y’all love it as much as I do!

Skill Level

Size Included

Finished Size
13″ circumference (yarn should stretch)
5″ long from top of the hat to bottom
These are our finished measurements. If yours don’t fit within these measurements, please check your gauge.

Super Fine-1 weight yarn -  50 yards                                                              Cardinal, Yellow, or Pink color 
E-4 (3.50mm) crochet hook
Fabric scissors
Yarn needle, to weave ends

Each PDF pattern comes with a printable "Crochet Help, Tips and FAQs".