Cable Blanket Crochet Class

Class Description

You’ll realize what your collection was missing when you’ve completed this class and see how beautiful the cable blanket you’ve made is. Jennifer Shackelford shows you how to add cable crochet to your skillset, and provides you with the know-how you need to make blankets like this again and again without breaking a sweat.

Anyone who’s hooked on crochet knows that learning something new to add to your skills is always super exciting. So if you’ve never tried crocheting cables before, this class is perfect for you. Even if you have, Jennifer Shackelford reveals handy tricky she’s learned from her years of crocheting experience that you won’t want to skip out on. You’ll learn how small cables are worked with double crochets, large cables are worked with treble crochets, and how to count turning chains. At the end, you’ll have a soft, intricate blanket that’s surprisingly simple to create. It’s also easily customizable, so you can make it as large or as small as you’d like. We want to cozy up with this blanket on a wintery day, or maybe even crochet it large enough to share with a friend.

Instructor: Jennifer Shackelford

Jennifer is a skilled fiber artist who has been crocheting for more than 20 years. She works with fellow maker, Teri at Wildfiber Studio, a yarn store in Santa Monica, and aspires to foster a creative environment that is inviting, inspiring, and comfortable.

Class Details:

Skill Level/ Difficulty: Beginner / Easy
Yarn: Worsted Weight Yarn
Hook size: U.S. Crochet I-9 / 5.5 mm
Approximate Finished Size: 34" x 42"

Yarn Recommendation: Berroco Pima 100