Freestyle Knit & Crochet


In this class you will learn how to design your own project divided into six different lessons:

How To Customize Any Pattern

  • Tweak Any Pattern To Make It Your Dream Pattern.
  • Adapt The Size Of Another Person's Pattern So It Fits You Or The Recipient Perfectly. 
  • Switch The Stitch - How To Take A Pattern And Modify The Stitch To Your Preference. 
  • ​Inspiration Without Copying - How To Take Inspiration From Other Patterns Without Copying 

Project Inspiration & An Introduction To The Design Process

  • A Look Behind The Scenes On How We Run Our Design Process For 5 Crochet & Knit Blogs
  • How To Put Your Thoughts & Visions Into Words & How To Convey That To Others
  • ​Where We Gather Design Inspiration For Our Projects
  • ​How We Move An Idea Into A Concept & The Simple Little Design Sheet We Create To Help Turn Our Vision Into A Reality (With Real Examples)

Create Your Own Original Design

  • ​How To Turn Your Idea Into A Workable Pattern 
  • The Tools We Use In The Design Process 
  • The Process For Creating Pattern Templates To Base Your patterns Off
  • ​How To Properly Document Your Original Design While You're Creating It So You Can Recreate The Pattern Down The Line

Color Theory

  •  An Introduction To Color Theory And The Science Behind Color Choices That Work.
  • ​Finally Know How To Pick The Perfect Colors That Are On Trend And That Work Well Together
  • Color Substitutions - How To Substitute One Color For Another And Ensure The Colors Will Work Well Together

Yarn & Yarn Substitutions

  •  How To Substitute Different Yarn Fibers And Yarn Weights In A Project
  •  How To Determine Yardage Before Starting A Project
  •  Which Hook Size Should You Use?
  •  Drape & Gauge:  How To Know Which Yarns Work For Which Projects.

How To Gain Confidence In Your Crochet & Knit

  • How To Be Confident With Pushing Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone & Trying Something New
  • ​Get Over The Fear Of Trying Something New (Hint: You Won't Spoil The Project!)