Heart Cowl Knit Class

Class Description

When you go through this course, you’ll come out with such a cute heart cowl, you’ll want to wear it every day! It makes for a fun fall fashion accessory. Get every tip, trick, and pointer you need to make this knit project through our step-by step tutorial.

Cowls are great fashion accessories to throw on to add a bit of flare to any outfit, while providing a bit of extra warmth where you need it most. Our cowl patterns allows you to follow our steps precisely, adding fun heart accents, or you can change it to whichever shape or color you’d like. In this course, Krista Ann guides you through the process of making your own heart cowl, perfect for your fall and winter weather wardrobe. Whether you’re new to knitting or you’re a knitting pro, this course is suitable for everyone! Krista will teach you a ton of useful techniques, including how to create jogless stripes, and how and why to use duplicate stitches! Finally, Krista will demonstrate through close-up visuals just how easy it is to complete each step.

Instructor: Krista Ann

Krista Ann has been obsessed with knitting since 2013 and is the founder of the yarn shop, Knitsy Knits. Krista Ann’s work combines her passion with her signature style. She has been knitting almost non-stop since she first picked up her needles and her incredible knitting talents have even been featured on The Mindy Project. 

Class Details:

Skill Level/ Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Yarn: Worsted Weight Yarn
Hook size:
     US 6(4mm) 16" circular needle and
     US 7(4.5mm) 16" circular needle
Approximate Finished Size: 33.75" Circumference

Yarn Recommendation: Manos Del Uruguay Maxima