Hexagon Cardigan Crochet Class

Class Description

There’s something extra-exciting about wearing a piece of clothing you actually made. This gorgeous hexagon cardigan that Cindy Barron-Bowie shows you precisely how to make is no exception. Show off your crocheting skills that you picked up from this class every time you slip into your new hexagon cardigan.

Does it seems possible that you could crochet your very own cardigan to wear? Do you know how to do a whip stitch? How about weaving together two hexagon shapes? You’ll know how to do all that at the end of this super informative class with Cindy Barron-Bowie. All the skills you need - yeah, seriously, all of them - are included in this fun to watch class. Follow along with extra simple directions and clear, over the shoulder shots on exactly how to crochet your yarn into a new garment of clothing. At the end, you’ll have a soft and casual cardigan designed entirely by you, from the color choice to the stitching. You’ll love the amazing drape and feel of this cardigan. We know we do.

Instructor: Cindy Bowie

Cindy is a crocheter and proud mother of four amazing grown children, and the grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren. Born and raised in a quaint little town in Southern California, she grew up watching her grandmother crochet, which is where she was inspired to learn more and develop her skills. Today, she continues to challenge herself with this amazing art form which she views as both a therapy and a form of creative expression.

Class Details:

Skill Level/ Difficulty: Easy
Yarn: Bulky Weight Yarn
Hook size: U.S. Crochet J-10 / 10 mm
Approximate Finished Size: Small - Medium

Yarn Recommendation: Bernat Roving / Sugarbush Canoe