Holiday Game Plan - Craft Shows & Markets


The best laid plans of mice and makers…

Having a plan is the single best step you can take to a successful holiday season. Planning puts you in the right mindset, sets the stage, and helps you identify the biggest steps toward progress and meeting your goals. And that is exactly why we think planning is at the core of a successful holiday season.

As you set your goals, you’ll dive into your numbers and do a lot of legwork that will help you in the long run. You can adapt and refer back to it as you go through the holiday season.

If your busy season is not the holidays, you can certainly adapt all of this to whatever season in your business takes the most preparation and planning!

What will you get:

8 Lessons Divided To:

  • Your Goals
  • Your Schedule
  • Your Product
  • Your Storytelling
  • Marketing Materials
  • Policies and Promotions
  • Typing Up Loose Ends