Light Knit Kimono Class

Class Description

Looking for a versatile piece that can transition through the seasons with you? This light knit kimono is perfect for layering. Wear it over your favorite long sleeve shirt in Autumn, or use it as a beach cover up this Summer. This class, taught by trusted knitter Krista Ann, gives you an introduction to lace work. The piece requires ZERO shaping making it the perfect project for your first garment.

The light knit kimono class is a breath of fresh air. Krista Ann will teach you tips and tricks to knit up this trendy pattern. Krista Ann will even show you how to work the stitches holding your yarn in your left hand (continental knitting) and holding the yarn in your right hand.

There is no shaping involved in this pattern. You work the back in one big piece. Then, still attached to the large piece you just worked, you begin working up the front pieces that will flip over. You stitch up the sides leaving armholes. And then you’re ready to make the sleeves. The pattern also gives you a taste of lacework. Krista Ann says the lace pattern is fit for an advanced beginner. But don’t let that discourage you. With this class tutorial, you’ll understand the stitch in no time.

Instructor: Krista Ann

Krista Ann has been obsessed with knitting since 2013 and is the founder of the yarn shop, Knitsy Knits. Krista Ann’s work combines her passion with her signature style. She has been knitting almost non-stop since she first picked up her needles and her incredible knitting talents have even been featured on The Mindy Project.

Class Details:

Skill Level/ Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Yarn: Worsted Weight Yarn
Hook size:
     U.S. Size 8 16" Circular Needle and
     U.S. Size 8 24" or 32" Circular Needle
Approximate Finished Size: Small (Medium, Large)
     44 (50,56)" Piece id designed to be loose fitting

Yarn Recommendation: Sugarbush Bold

**Pattern is written in Small with changes for Medium to Large in the parenthesis)