Ninja Hood and Nunchucks Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Crochet Pattern Ninja Hood and Nunchucks Amigurumi
This listing is for 2 crochet patterns to make an adult or child ninja hood with nunchucks that are life-size, but weigh about as much as a stuffed animal. Chuck Norris sleeps with these every night. Joke!

One pattern is for the hood with modifications for an adult or child. The second pattern is for the nunchucks.

Practice your nunchaku skills without fracturing bones.
Dress up your Little Ninja for play or Halloween.
Give a set of nunchucks to your cat w/ catnip in it.

Super easy for even Toddlers or Babies to handle. They can't really hurt themselves with it, either! They make a great gag gift and your pets will love them, too.