Primrose Stitch Hat Crochet Pattern

If you’re looking for a simple, adorable pattern for a crochet hat, then this primrose stitch hat is the end of your search. We know we love the cozy feel, and can’t get enough of the pom-pom that finishes it all off.

The contrasting colors of heather and purple in our example make the brim and the hat really pop. Add that to the single crochet stitch used on the brim, and the primrose stitch on the body of the hat, and you’ve got a piece that looks great. It also looks more complicated to make than it really is.


  • yarn - Cascade Avalon 19 Medieval Blue (MC), 20 Heather (CC): one skein each
  • crochet hook - 5.0mm
  • measuring tape
  • yarn needle
  • scissors

Each PDF pattern comes with a printable "Crochet Help, Tips and FAQs".