Simple Tank Knit Class

Class Description

Summer means easy breezy knit pieces you can pair with anything. This simple knit tank fills those shoes perfectly. It’s a beautifully crafted tank you can dress up or down. You could even layer it under a jacket in the Fall if you can’t stand to put it away once Summer ends. The class is taught by expert crocheter, Krista Ann. Join her as she spills all her secrets to making this classic knit top.

Have you ever wondered how to shape armholes and the neckline of a sweater? What about knitting in the round? The Simple Knit Tank Class will teach you all of this and more. Instructor, Krista Ann, teaches you all of her secrets to crocheting a quality top without the hassle of seaming up the sides. You’ll learn a three needle bind off, how to create a faux garter stitch to prevent curling, and how to wet block a garment. If you could only take one class this Summer, this should be it.

Instructor: Krista Ann

Krista Ann has been obsessed with knitting since 2013 and is the founder of the yarn shop, Knitsy Knits. Krista Ann’s work combines her passion with her signature style. She has been knitting almost non-stop since she first picked up her needles and her incredible knitting talents have even been featured on The Mindy Project.

Class Details:

Skill Level/ Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Yarn: Worsted Weight Yarn
Hook size:
U.S. Size 8 16" Circular Needle and
U.S. Size 8 24" or 32" Circular Needle
Approximate Finished Size: Small, (Medium, Large)
     Circumference: 44 (50, 56)"
     **Piece is designed to be loose fitting.

Yarn Recommendation: Sugarbush Bold

**Pattern is written in Small with changes for Medium to Large in the parenthesis)